RSD Expulsion Policies Overview :  An overview of the procedures all RSD Charter Schools must follow when expelling a student.

RSD Expulsion Process and Procedures 2012-13:  This document provides and in-depth look at the offenses for which a student is eligible to be recommended for expulsion, as well as the procedures the school, RSD, parent/guardian and student must follow.

Student Hearing Office Appeal Policy:  Student Hearing Office Expulsion Appeals Policy 2012-2013.


All expulsion recommendation packets must be submitted within four days of the date of the infraction.  All forms must be completed and signed before the recommendation can be considered.  Recommendation packets can  either be submitted:

  • Electronically to hearingoffice@rsdla.net.  Please include all forms, including Special Education/504 information in your submission.  If you have any questions about the electronic submission process, please contact Ms. Dari Brumfield at 504-373-6200 ext. 20041.
  • In-person at the Student Hearing Office (1615 Poydras Street) to the Discipline Data Manager, Ms. Dari Brumfield.

Hours for packet intake: 8:30am – 4:00pm, M-F

Contact the Student Hearing Office:
email: hearingoffice@rsdla.net  
phone: (504) 373-6200 ext 20041
fax: (504) 309-3647



The following forms are mandatory for all expulsion recommendations, must be filled out in their entirety, and may not be altered.

Due Process Review Checklist

  • Lists all documents required for submission to the RSD Hearing Office
  • Must be filled in and submitted to RSD Hearing Office with documents listed

Student Incident Report

  • Provide a narrative/explanation of the incidents leading to expulsion recommendation
  • Indicate whether CPI Nonviolent Physical Intervention procedures
  • Attach witness statements to this form
  • This form is only seen by the RSD Hearing Office


  • State form used by all schools in Louisiana
  • This form is given to parents/guardians as well as the RSD Hearing Office
  • Parents should sign the form; if unavailable, mail along with Form 474

Notice of Disciplinary Action – Form 474

  • Charters must submit this form for expulsion recommendations; however the use of Form 474 for other listed disciplinary actions (suspension, restorative practices, SPED removal, or hearing office conference) is OPTIONAL.
  • This form is given to parents/guardians as well as the RSD Hearing Office
  • Please have parents sign this form; if unavailable, mail along with Form B

Expulsion Waiver Notifications

  • Charters must submit this form if a student commits a Tier 2 offense and  the school waives their right to recommend expulsion.


Student Hearing Office Appeal Policy

Expulsion Appeal Request Form

Satisfaction Survey

Have an opinion about the expulsion process?  Please share your thoughts with us in this survey.

Survey for schools
Survey for parents

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